PIF Unbanned Request

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PIF Unbanned Request

Post by UsmanMajeed on Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:42 pm

PIF Unban Request

You can only request to be unbanned if you are banned from the server. You can not request to be unbanned if you are banned from a Game Mode: such bans will expire automatically.

Request Format

You need to post a new topic in this board in order to request to be unbanned. Your request requires the following format:

- Account Name:

- Account ID:

- Picture of your ban dialog box:

- Motivation:

- If you do not follow the format, your request will be DENIED.
- A blank line between bullet points is required.

Request Review Process

- A Senior Admin will review your request and post the decision.

- Reviews may take several days to complete. The review time depends on many factors.

- Do not request information about your unban request in ANY POSSIBLE WAY. Such requests will be ignored and your unban request will be DENIED.


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