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Post by UsmanMajeed on Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:33 pm

Dear PIF Forum Members,

This board is created for users to post a introduction topic about themselves that are new to the PIF community. The topic can include anything you like regarding yourself and ultmately making the community aware of your presence. It's important for both staff, VIP's and members to get to know more about our new additions to the PIF community, also if at any point you require assistance, then please feel free to either contact us personally, or if you are new and not able to send a personal message, create a topic in the appropriate board regarding the issue.

Please Refrain from posting the following topics on this board:
> Change Name topics - Irrelevant to this board.
> Farewell/Goodbye topics - Forbidden on all boards, as stated in the PIF Forum rules.
> Inactivity topics - Irrelevant to this board.
> Returning back topics - Irrelevant to this board and should be focused more on a group board.

We have been dealing with a lot of players creating topics relating to the following above and is becoming a repetitive thing we are constantly having to deal with. This topic is a reminder on what you should and should not post on this board.

PIF Administration Team


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